Explore the Mineheart wonderful selection of green wallpaper for home that covers from dark green wallpaper for walls to light green wallpaper for walls, and includes as varying design as green striped wallpaper, green floral wallpaper for walls or green wallpaper mural. This colour, normally associated with spring and hope, will bring freshness to your home because its gladness and light, two qualities with more than a result. That is the reason why this green wallpaper for walls, depending on its tone, arouses relax or dynamism.

For instance, in the last case, mint green wallpaper for walls placed in an office will be a success because its strength will provide the energy this space needs. On the contrary, it is a good idea to place lime green wallpaper for walls in a quiet room, like a bedroom. The Kiki pendant lamp can match in both cases: it has multiple colours to suit different options. On another note, a combination of colours can be useful to add originality: it is appropriate the mix of pink and green wallpaper for walls which needs an extra touch of boldness. And the Brother stanwick figurine can emphasize the feeling “adding a touch of the English eccentric to your space”. But what tone of green wallpaper do you prefer?