Mineheart brings you a safe bet; this wonderful selection of brown wallpaper. Paradoxically classic and modern at the same time, it combines with everything, and allows very different kinds of decoration around it. It can follow a realistic pattern, be inspired by natural elements or match the chocolate wallpaper designs par excellence; brown wall paper is always ideal for living rooms, bed rooms and even kitchens if you dare. Moreover, it is elaborated under the same high ecological standards the Mineheart company has for all its wallpaper: it is printed with low VOC inks and one tree is plated for every sold roll.

From the clearest tones to chocolate wallpaper, it is going to suit your style however difficult it may be. If you want a fresh style, try with light brown wallpaper, like Moderna Grid Stucco wallpaper – Brown. It will be perfect for sober styles where we want to emphasize space or get a good working atmosphere. But if you want a more dramatic effect, use dark brown wallpaper. Vintage Bookshelf Wallpaper is adequate for making ample spaces cosier or accentuating the emotional side of a room. In any of its forms it will look good; sophisticated and charming. Perfect for an elegant home!