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Delve into the Mineheart new arrivals in modern home furniture, which is composed of varied pieces, all with the originality and delicacy which distinguish the Mineheart style. From home office furniture to eccentric interior furniture, Mineheart offers items to dress your bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens - an array of artistic furniture goods of a modern style. The Mineheart collection of furniture offers more than the standard freestanding pieces, but instead items that will bring you happiness through artistic touches or quirks in their design. 

Let’s highlight the Blue mark portrait - Printed armchair, which has a twin, the Blue Mark framed printed canvas. Both together can be a very curious setting for your guests, and the great beginning of a good conversation. The stool Bubblegum portrait - lady, pairs with our Bubblegum collection of art works, such as the ever popular Bubblegum portrait -3.

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