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Dare to discover the wonderful Mineheart ceramics collection, which is going to allow you to serve your meals in the most original way, add a touch of freshness to your walls or place on your shelves chic and bold pieces. Because these unique ceramics are comprised, above all, of plates and figurines, all of them with the quality and exquisiteness the UK ceramics have. They are ideal to inject new life to your house, their designs combining the modern and the classic in a stylish but also very fresh way. 

The Clock plate clocks are very good to exemplify this, as their name suggests, they are ceramic plates doubling up as a working clock..and moreover, these printed clocks have a cool retro image and really work. The Delft ceramic bulldog has its particular mix too - a French dog figurine, yes, but it also has something about the typical china crockery; its illustration, to be precise. The Undercover Imari plates - a new take on china plates which combine graffiti and classic Chinese motifs….

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