Wall Art by Style

Explore Mineheart's stylish wall art, where you can find a wide range of wall prints, from abstract wall art to animal wall art; all of them with this imaginative touch which characterizes the Mineheart design. This framed wall art is able to define the style of a person or a family, providing personality, emotion and warmth. Yes, all these wall art posters have this power; they turn a simply house into your personal home.

Mona lisa stripes Framed Canvas Lite can be the perfect example of a portrait wall art with this originality. It is the famous painting everybody knows worked in such a way that it could become a piece of surreal wall art. In contrast to that, Angels over city monochrome Framed Canvas Lite represents a very realistic and modern city in a piece of landscape wall art, even a photography wall art. However, some little angels flying in the purest renaissance style make the scene unique, inspiring. And this is the idea. All the style the present wall prints contains are here to inspire you. Enjoy the images of the two abovementioned paintings, but also the rest of this wonderful selection.