Modern Living Room Ideas: 7 Little Changes Are All You Need

Posted by Mineheart on 4th May 2021

Modern Living Room Ideas: 7 Little Changes Are All You Need

This article is dedicated to those little, simple transformations, all you want, all you need. Here follows a simple set of tips to homeowners who are ready for change (but not anything too big or drastic).

1. Use throw blankets

Throw blankets: (by definition) are an infinitely simple way to implement another layer of texture and colour, warming up the space. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, these blankets are amazing to have around when watching a film or reading a book on colder days.

Throw blanket detail complimenting the Scandinavian room feel. (Photo by Minh Pham)

Light blue blanket thrown over the sofa. (Photo by Diana Ivanova)

2. Please all 5 senses

Another idea is to use oils, fresh flowers or candles to create a more cozy, inviting and intimate living room. Especially, because we tend to perceive how comfortable a space is through our senses – all of them.

Specialists recommend scented candles of lavender, chamomile, jasmine, rose or vanilla for those are scents that relax both our body and mind.

A warmer and cozier environment with the touch of scented candles (photos by Olga Serjantu (left) and Baptista Ime James (right))

Oud Wood Soy Scented Candle

Picture of the Oud Wood Soy Scented Candle designed by artist Courtney Brims

3. Between black and white

There is always the choice of a monochromatic design. While it may seem difficult and limiting to base all your living room paint ideas around grey tones, the results are amazing!

Not all colour combinations are completely eligible for all environments. Take the colour red, for example: unless you have extremely vibrant and strong living room paint ideas, you should probably choose a more neutral tone. Here, we would suggest researching some grey living room ideas. Light grey provides a neutral hue and hardly ever begins to cloy.

Modern grey living room designed around a monochrome colour scheme of different shades of grey, black and white. (Photo by Sidekix Media)

Another example of the monochromatic choice on the grey sofa and darker grey (almost black) cushion superposition. (Photo by Kirill)

4. Decorate the walls

Looking at the picture above, isn’t there something missing? That white, blank, empty wall screams for a complement. Why not hang a new piece of wall art? It could also be a clock, a new wallpaper, portraits of your loved ones and your best experiences.

Decorating your walls can really add a finishing touch, especially to a white living room that's in need of a focal point.

Get in touch with your inner child and look at the wall as if it was a white paper waiting to be coloured but be sure you think about your wall colour combinations for a living room.

The Orange Pencil Canvas

Picture of The Orange Pencil Canvas taken by an anonymous buyer in their living room.

5. Rearrange

Photo by Brett Jordan

Sometimes a simple change of layout is all you need to gain a fresh new look to your living room. You may want to bring a specific seating back to your bedroom, or really kick out that old chair you can no longer stand to look at or sit on.

Evaluate some of your options, since you don’t want to block any passages or place your television in a way it won’t turn on anymore because it’s too far from its wall socket.

6. Change the lights

It is a fairly well known fact that having a single light source can be the death of any interior design decoration. Hence, to avoid that kind of mistake, the idea is to invest in different shapes and sizes of lamps and lampshades.

Not talking about candles here, but innovative forms of lighting in your living room such as: a floor lamp near your sofa for reading; or table lamp to place over that empty corner. Maybe you would rather fill in that blank wall with a perfect indirect light source or perhaps you just dream of that beautiful pendant lighting you saw on your favourite magazine.

Amazing picture of two Feather Pendant Lamp White taken by Frederick b. In his modern living room.

7. Bring something new

Sometimes, even the smallest piece of art imports a much more modern personality to any space. Either a sculpture, or well designed furniture, such as a creative chair or coffee table, will certainly do the trick in terms of bringing change to the living room.

Try to find an item that converses with your other furniture. Different from transforming the living room’s layout, adding something new is much more about the style of the pieces rather than where you choose to place them.

Gold Ceramic Bulldog

Picture of the Gold Ceramic Bulldog taken by a customer.

Picture of the Brother Stanwick figurine-Blue/Green taken by customer Deborah S. as she reviews her purchase: “I am well and truly in love!!!”

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