Ask Me Anything: 7 Answers to Your Interior Design Questions

Posted by Mineheart on 21st Apr 2021

Ask Me Anything: 7 Answers to Your Interior Design Questions

When you run a business it is not always easy to decide on every single aspect of it, especially if it is out of your comfort zone. The looks of your office may make or break your chances of closing down a deal. Creating a comfortable atmosphere for both workers and clients and conveying reliability through your design choices are two main goals of working with office design.

Sometimes many doubts cross our minds when undertaking an office space redesign. How should I do it? Is interior design worth it? Is business interior design expensive? How to redecorate my offices? We’ll walk you through the top 10 questions regarding your work space or home office to help you decide. Are you ready to get inspired by some interesting office design ideas and revamp your office room?

1. Is interior design worth it? 

Having an office that sparks joy to both collaborators and clients and shows off your brand identity will make all the difference for your business. Interior design can make people feel comfortable, productive and bring out more credibility to your brand, whether it is a large, medium or small company.

Great office design combines both form and function

(Photo byCopernico onUnsplash)

Experienced designers will be able to listen to their client’s needs and values and create a project which reflects those into compatible material choices and providers. By planning every detail in advance, they can help reduce costs and work within a budget.

2. Is business interior design expensive?

Interior design can be as expensive as you want it to be. From simple decorating ideas to complete office revamps, there are surely many options in between with great results and that will please both customers and collaborators.

Sometimes, investing in eye catching pieces such as a table lamp, desk chair or a colourful ornament can be as effective as remodelling a whole place. An experienced interior designer can definitely help choosing carefully curated items, creating unique office ideas.

Feather Table Lamp White

    Fancy table lamps can change the mood in an office

Colourful animal figurines

Colourful animal figurines can bring a funny touch to an office

3. Is this the right time to invest in interior decoration? 

Choosing when to invest is always a question. If your business is doing well, you think it has been quite some time since the last time you spruced things up in the office and you can afford the costs to start undertaking some design work, this can be the right moment.

Otherwise, if the pandemic hit hard and you are not so sure if you will keep on having the same revenue this year, perhaps it might be better to take some time to plan and see where your business is heading before taking a huge leap. In this case, simple solutions may help improve your place while making sure your next step was well planned.

 4. How should I decorate my offices?

Creating a list of why you want to redecorate and which your main goals are is the first step towards finding out how you should decorate your office.

First of all, engage in thinking about the use of space, how many people work in the room and also the kind of activity they execute. Think of how people use each space when designing a new project. Do they receive customers? Are there frequent meetings? How many people attend those meetings? Do you need a lounging area? How formal is your business?

When remodelling an office, you should always consider form and function, and how those two meet and work together creating a pleasing work environment. Well designed and pleasing spaces will allow users to perform their activities to their best abilities.

Considering how to maximise natural lighting is another big consideration, especially how this will change through the day.

Shape and colour Angel

Calming wall art by Young & Battaglia

5. Where should I look for inspiration?

If you are looking for some modern looks, check out our post on “5 Must-See Modern Office Design Styles”, full of hands-on ideas to inspire your choices, from minimalist aesthetics to the clever use of colourful elements in interior design. You can also take a look at our ideas on channelling your inner designer and finding your own style”.

               Take a look at our choices: 5 Must-See Modern Office Design Styles

        (Photo by Xie Yujie Nick on Unsplash)

Interior design magazines and Pinterest accounts are also a great source of inspiration. We have a nice selection of must-follow Pinterest accounts on this article : “10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow About Interior Design” . Some interior design ideas are just so compelling you should try!

6. What are the biggest trends for post-pandemic offices? 

Our team has interviewed Brazilian architect Gustavo Curcio, from in this unmissable article “Using Interior Design To Encourage People Back To The Office”. He explains some of the biggest trends in post-pandemic office designs, such as Biophilia and Chromatism, and how to apply them to your office.

Little Angels -Limited edition print

    Post-pandemic offices: top trends in our articlehere

7. How to redecorate my offices to promote focus?

There are many trends in office design, and minimalism is certainly one that can help users focus on their work, while being very aesthetically pleasing.

When designing an office in a minimalist style, remember a famous quote by architect Mies van der Rohe: “less is more”! For a clean lounge area, create a base in neutral colours, such as a wooden floor and clean walls. Focus then on one or two main colours, such as the classic black and white combination, choosing pieces carefully. For some ideas on how to use grey, check out this article on Grey Wallpaper.

Each element will be an important part of the whole setting and functionality plays an important role in each choice. Think of using different textures in similar tones, creating a visual code that reflects your business identity. White wall art, for example, works well with wooden floors in a modern office design. Stay focused!

ELEMENT Framed Printed canvas

Neutral wall art is a go to choice for a chic and effortless office decor