The perfect Mother’s Day gifts with Mineheart

Posted by Mineheart on 26th Feb 2021

The perfect Mother’s Day gifts with Mineheart

It’s been a challenging 12 months and many of us haven’t seen our mothers as much as we’d like.
So let’s make this Mother’s Day extra special.

You might be helping your children buy a special present this year - the right choice will really make Mum smile.
So let Mineheart guide you with some unique and special gifts that stand out from the usual flowers and chocolates!

What are some unique Mother’s Day gifts?

Standard Mother’s Day gifts are flowers, toiletries, perfume and sweets. But there are lots of more personal, thoughtful gifts to consider. Do something a little different this year.

At Mineheart we love things that are quirky and unique, things that make you think, things that make you smile. We have lots of home decor ideas and gifts that will last a lifetime. Let’s find something perfect that will bring Mum a little pleasure every day.

Mother’s Day art gifts

A great place to start looking for a unique gift is designer wall art. Giving wall art as a gift is a wonderful decision - it shows real thoughtfulness and will show off how well you know your mum and her tastes. There are lots of different art genres to choose from.

1. Funny wall art

If your mum has a good sense of fun she will love some of our humorous wall art. Not only will it bring a smile every day, but she will also enjoy deciding where best to display it.
Our latest range of parody wall art is a great choice. Our designers have taken classic paintings and given them a Mineheart twist. Take a look at our Mona Lisa Apple and Girl without a Pearl Earring, for example.


We love how these canvas wall art designs bring a new dimension to well-known images. Take a look at more funny wall art options from the Mineheart team.

2. Animal wall art

If Mum’s an animal lover there’s a huge range of contemporary wall art you can choose from, each with an animal theme. We have a very distinguished collection of animal gentry - members of the animal kingdom in all their finery! Take a look at Uncle Walter, a highly decorated military walrus, or Cousin Parker in his beautiful velvet jacket.


If Mum prefers her animals a little more casual, perhaps Bernard and Jonathan might be more her thing. There’s something so captivating in the eyes of these two.


3. Beautiful wall art

Perhaps your mum likes something a little more elegant and visually inspiring in her art. We have a lot of thought-provoking and dreamlike wall art that could really appeal to her. Take a look at some of Himitsuhana’s work. She is recognised for her dream-like ideas and vivid imagination.


4. Colourful wall art

If you’re looking for a gift that will bring a feeling of brightness and life, a piece of colourful wall art can be the perfect choice.
Bright and vibrant wall art works in so many spaces in the home and bring a pop of colour to your walls. 
Instead of a bunch of flowers - how about one of Agent X’s floral artworks, blending the traditional and modern in a high-impact visual style:


Or perhaps Chad Wys’ graffiti art work will bring the right blend of colour, class and artistic passion:


More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If art is not quite Mum’s thing, there are many more gift ideas that might delight her this Mother’s Day. Here are a few of our favourites.

1. Cushions

Most mums have some kind of cushion obsession. Whether it’s piling cushions onto a bed to make it Instagram-perfect, or adding them to your living room to create the perfect sofa to sink into… cushions can be a secret obsession. Our range of cushions are an irresistible blend of soft textures and artistic designs - our designs will add a touch of luxury to any home.

2. Scarves

scarf makes an excellent gift - it’s soft, beautiful and will make Mum think of you whenever she wears it. Our scarves are based on unique Mineheart designs and made from a versatile silk blend. They will brighten up any outfit and are perfect to wear all year round - and at the moment are the perfect accessory to add a bit of glamour to a video call!


3. Candles

scented candle is also a lovely and luxurious gift. Give one to mum and suggest that she sinks into a candlelit bubble bath, for a little well deserved self indulgence.  
Our candles have a mood-enhancing quality and their fragrances have been carefully chosen. Lavender is recognized for its relaxing effect; Cashmere brings warmth and Sandalwood is believed to lower stress levels.  Enclosed in attractive metallic glass and an artistic presentation box, our candles make a real statement as a gift.

4. Ornaments

Is there a spare space on a shelf or cabinet for something special for your Mum? A thoughtful ornament can be a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.
Our range of ceramics are enormously popular. Take a look at Princess Flaminia, the most elegant and regal flamingo you’ll ever encounter. Her pink colouring will brighten up any mantelpiece - although she comes in a white version too. 

If teal is more your mum’s thing, Brother Stanwick the handsome stag might be the perfect choice. Our ornaments are also available in black and grey, like Grandfather Olaf below.

Our range of French Bulldog ornaments are also a big hit. Who doesn’t love these cute little fellows in black, gold or Delft designs. These cheeky pups are the perfect gift for a mum who loves dogs.

Take a look too at our range of ceramics. We have some unique and beautiful plates that will bring a cool twist to your Mother’s Day cream tea!

Totally Unique Mother’s Day Ideas

We like to do things differently at Mineheart, so if you’re looking for something totally out there for this year’s gift, here are two extra special ideas:

1. Wallpaper

Hear us out on this one! Mums have often got home improvement plans in mind. So why not make a room update her present this year? Explore our range of luxury, designer wallpaper, order some samples she might like, and let her choose. 
You can either decorate the room for her, or hire someone to do the job! Big wallpaper trends this year are feather wallpaperbookshelf wallpaper and Chesterfield wallpaper.


2. Designer Rugs

If you really want to make a bold statement, get a rug! Customers can’t get enough of our cowhide rugs, but we also have many circular rugs and gorgeous rectangular rugs too.


When is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day in the UK is Sunday 14 March 2021.

Mother’s Day Gifts by Post

Trust in Mineheart to provide a wonderful gift, on time, with free delivery. We use reliable courier services so we can always meet your expectations. To make sure your gift arrives on time this Mother’s Day, just order by 5pm on Thursday 11.