The Bag Collection Made From Recycled PET

The Bag Collection Made From Recycled PET

3rd Sep 2019

Protect your laptop, iPad, stationery, or travel kit in style with the Mineheart bag collection. Made from hard-wearing recycled PET fabric they offer elegant protection for your tech or possessions delivered in the classic Mineheart spirit. Suitable for use as travel bag, clutch purse or pencil case. Available in 3 sizes.

Monsieur Mint Clutch

   Featuring the artwork 'Monsieur Mint'. The art portrays a cheekily defaced gentleman, blending classic art with modern day mischief.


The Submerged Clutch

Featuring the artwork 'Submerged-2'. A familiar new proverb "Can't see the painting for the paint" maybe a visual metaphor to the realities of one's life? Would you be so calm?


The Orange Pencil Clutch

Featuring the artwork ''The Orange Pencil'. A reminder to smile and not take life too seriously, a humble pencil under the nose is enough to brighten our day. Our posture, the way we move and our facial expressions all affect our emotions... so remember to smile and you will feel happier, stand tall and you will be stronger, and move gracefully and you will feel like a ballerina! Designed by Young & Battaglia. "Inspired by a psychological study on the ‘facial feedback’ theory of emotion, whereby people were asked the same questions with a pencil under their nose and without it, and then asking how they felt. They were happier using their facial muscles as, by smiling and doing certain facial expressions, you can actually feel happier..." Brendan Young

The Morris Dream Clutch

Featuring the artwork 'Morris Dream - Classic Dark Green'. Taking its inspiration from sleep, dreams and fantasy to create a subtle adaptation of a calming and familiar motif.


New World Damask Clutch - Grey & Blue

Featuring the artwork 'New World Damask - Grey & Blue'. Inspired by doodles, symbols of modern day life and 21st century icons composed in a traditional damask wallpaper pattern arrangement.


New World Damask Clutch - Black & White

Featuring the artwork 'New World Damask - Black & White'. Inspired by doodles, symbols of modern day life and 21st century icons composed in a traditional damask wallpaper pattern arrangement.