Security Tips and Advice for Homeowners in Connecticut

Security Tips and Advice for Homeowners in Connecticut

Posted by Loren on 14th Sep 2021

Whether you live in the Milford or Stamford areas or perhaps further afield across state, you will know and appreciate the beauty, serenity, and community spirit one experience when living in CT.

Unfortunately, however, in this modern world, thieves are becoming ever-more sophisticated and skilled at breaking into your private property and stealing your precious belongings and with it robbing you of sentimental memories and family heirlooms. Here are some top tips for homeowners around the Stamford and Milford area of CT and beyond.

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Upgrade Your Entry Security

There is a plethora of affordable and effective ways of upgrading the entirety of your entrance security to your property, most of which can be organized and installed in a matter of minutes.

Arguably the most important safeguard you can implement is to upgrade your locks and keys to the highest possible standard of security. Professional, established, and experienced companies such as All United Locksmith provide a 24/7 service for not only residential and private property owners but for commercial, automotive, and emergency purposes as well.

Other effective ways to improve the security of your home include the installation of a sophisticated yet discrete CCTV system, ensuring your home is properly lit, both in the backyard and at the front of the property, and certifying that all gates and fences are properly maintained and upgraded and replaced wherever necessary.

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Experienced a Break-In?

With any luck, you may never experience the horror and devastation of returning to your home after a long weekend or an overnight business trip to discover your house has been raided and your beloved belongings have been stolen.

Should you be unfortunate enough to experience such an incident, it is vital that you leave your home via the same door you entered and call 911 immediately. Ideally, you will have suitable CCTV systems in place in the interior or, at the very least, around the exterior of the property, and such a safeguarding measure will ensure your home insurance claim runs as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

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First-Time Homeowners

Unfortunately, new homeowners are amongst the most frequently burglarized properties. As a result, as a new homeowner, it is absolutely crucial that you spend the time and money on ensuring your home is as safe and secure as possible.

Furthermore, once you have properly and thoroughly installed such security measures, you can enjoy decorating and personalizing the entirety of your interior living spaces, safe in the knowledge that your prized possessions and stylish art features will remain inside.

Every time you leave the property, ensure you always close and lock all your doors and windows, even if merely popping to the local store around the block. Additionally, never leave spare keys anywhere around the property. Confirm your internet’s WiFi is password protected and, if you possess anything of particularly significant value, or you are in the habit of keeping cash around the home, invest in a professional safe for further protection.