Is Wallpaper Worth it? 10 Reasons it Really is!

Is Wallpaper Worth it? 10 Reasons it Really is!

Posted by Mags Yip on 3rd Jun 2021

Is wallpaper worth it? You might be wondering. Well, this will definitely bring you closer to an answer, for here are presented some of the major benefits of wallpaper.

Even if you have never considered wallpaper as a decoration option, this is often the cheapest, easiest and least time consuming way to transform your walls. Compared to the paint alternative, here are shown 10 perks of this interior decoration technique.

Botanical White and Blue Wallpaper

A soft, cosy and relaxing environment with the Botanical Chinoiserie White and Blue Wallpaper by Caroline Jenkins

1. The possibilities...

Are infinite! Wallpaper is an entire universe filled with all sorts of interior design options, textures, colours and patterns. In fact, you may even space out just by looking at them! It is important to bear in mind a few selection criteria in order to avoid getting lost in the process of finding the right wallpaper for you.

For instance, think about the environment where the wall is placed (kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom). Technically, there are no rules for combinations, but depending on the interior surroundings, one paper or the other might be a better combination.

biophilic wallpaper pattern

This photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash portrays a gorgeous biophilic wallpaper pattern. Look how the green on the walls matches the yellow in the cushions and the table ornament

Clouds Wallpaper

This In The Clouds Wallpaper is a ticket straight to paradise and a heavenly mood

2. A broad range of prices 

Not only do wallpapers suit all tastes, they also fit into all pockets being a cost effective. Compared to a coat of paint, they may be more expensive at first. However, paint tends to be bested by wallpaper over time in terms of lifespan. Also, the cheaper the paint, the more you will need to buy to properly cover the wall with three instead of two paint coats.

The wallpaper values online can vary from £8.99 to £900 each roll – without the cost of installation. Those prices depend on the product’s quality and durability, but mostly on how elaborate the design of the paper is. The sky's the limit when you decide to hang a paper that resembles a fresco painted by a great artist.

3. Easy to hang

It is not necessary to hire someone to install the wallpaper for you. As long as you have the right length and materials, you can easily hang it. You can find numerous videos online, showing how to do it. You can totally pull it off ‘with a little help’ from your friends or not.

wallpaper installation

To illustrate this DIY task, we also suggest checking the blog In Honor of Design by Anna Liesemeyer for more tips on wallpaper installation

4. Quickly applied 

Compared to paint, wallpaper hanging requires much less time. Especially when it comes to a single plain wall (without doors or windows) the hanging process can be easily done in a couple hours. Not to mention you won’t have to worry about getting rid of that strong smell, or dodging to avoid getting ink-stained.

alarm clock

You will be able to have a fresh looking wall and still have time to enjoy the view on the same day! (Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash)

5. Durability

Once they’re hanged, you won’t have to worry about retouching as you would need had you chosen the painting path.Wallpapers do not crack or chip, so there is no need for touch-ups later on, lasting for up to 15 years.

In order to extend that service life, you should avoid installation in places of too much humidity. It is better suited to environments of lower moisture. In case you want to place it in your bathroom or kitchen, look for wallpapers with a more appropriate description for you might find some materials better cut out for dampness.

6. Easy to clean

wallpaper benefits

One of the wallpaper benefits is its effortless maintenance. (Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash)

Some stains – such as a dog footprint, or the work of a fussy toddler – are eternal until you retouch the paint. Not every speck easily comes out of the wall. Fortunately, modern wallpaper is very durable, easy to clean and designed to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear. According to one of the Rated People’s advice, the “wipe clean vinyl varieties” are the best fitting choice for people with pets or children – or even clumsy friends.

7. Easy to remove 

“What goes up, must come down”. When the time comes – probably after a few years – you will find little or no difficulties in removing the old wallpaper. Maybe you got bored, or perhaps you feel the urge to change the decoration, because you have become different yourself and you want to express that in your house.

Just like the application process, there are plenty of removal tutorials on the internet you can rely on. Again, no need to hire someone and you are able to tackle it in about a day.

strip wallpaper

As you can see, even children are able to strip wallpaper if you have the right tools. (Photo from The Modest Mom on Pinterest)

8. Improve the atmosphere 

Beyond its stylish appeal, wallpapers can also create an atmosphere of relaxation and increase significantly the sense of well-being in the ambiance – without the need for a big bulky furniture acquisition.

As architect Juliana Pippi has admitted – in an interview for Mineheart – she really likes the “feeling of comfort and cosiness that wallpaper can bring to environments.” According to her, “it ‘dresses’ some environments very well, just like a good cut of fashionable clothes.”

9. Change the size of a room

It is not magic, just, just wallpaper. By hanging darker tones, the room that once felt enormous may instantly feel warmer and cosier. On the other hand, if you wish to make a petite room feel larger, you can opt for lighter tones. Neutral or metallic wallpapers will certainly brighten and broaden your space.

White Bookshelf Wallpaper

This library-themed wall is an example of increased openness in the room. The White Bookshelf Wallpaper was here used as an “accent wall” in one of our costumer’s office. (Picture by Leigh, verified buyer)

10. Hide imperfections

Perhaps you’re starting right now at an annoying bump on the wall, not knowing what to do. Well, wallpaper might just do the trick for you. In case you have uneven walls, high quality wallpaper can hide surface imperfections and flaws.