Interior Design Trends in 2021

Posted by Mineheart on 5th Apr 2021

Interior Design Trends in 2021

Floral Spring Peach and Orange Wallpaper

Spring has hit and as the winter blues melt away, people are starting to think about how they can redecorate their homes. With the world starting to recover from COVID and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, this is the perfect time to personalise your space and get it ready for guests and future celebrations.

But the pandemic has changed how we utilise our homes, with multi-functional rooms being one of the biggest drivers of interior design trends in 2021. So what are the latest trends and how will things look as we move further into the year?

We spoke to Vanessa Deleon from Vanessa Deleon Associates, an award-winning interior design firm based in New York, about what to expect. Vanessa and her team specialise in residential, commercial and hospitality interior design, with deep knowledge about trends and interior stories on the rise.

Vanessa Deleon

Vanessa’s personal design approach draws inspiration from places that are rooted in her culture. Her work combines modern, stylised designs with classic décor. This gives her a unique perspective, with a great understanding of both timeless and on-trend concepts.

Her experience of the diverse market, covering homes to commercial properties, has turned her into an influencer within the design community. Here’s what she had to say about the interior design trends 2021 is set to bring.

Top interior design trends 2021

While discussing the core trends that are expected to evolve this year, Vanessa shared her thoughts on how government lockdowns across the globe have had the biggest impact on how people value their homes:

“If there is anything that we’ve learned during lockdown is that many are much more focused on their living space. We were all, for good reason, forced to stay at home during this pandemic. Therefore, staying at home has opened the possibilities of improving our own living space.”

This view is also echoed by Forbes, reinforcing the fact that our homes have never been more important. As well as a rise in virtual interior design services, homeowners are looking for easy routes to transformation, making accessories such as cushions, ceramics and other home accessories a hot commodity.

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Vanessa added:

“The pandemic has changed so many things, but it’s made a tremendous impact in the space that we call home. Therefore, the biggest design trend for 2021 is home offices.”

Making a home office unique, vibrant and interesting is top priority. While this type of space was often an afterthought (or a secondary function) previously, it is now a necessity. With more and more people working from home, the desire to individualise will be greater than ever.

Wall art can be an easy and stylish way to put your stamp on your home office, turning it into an inspiring and exciting place to go to work. 

Paint colours and wallpaper trends 2021

With choosing the right wall colour or wallpaper design, Vanessa assured us that there are a variety of shades to indulge this year:

“All the major paint companies have made their colour selection for 2021 and I’m seeing a lot of soft hues, with colour pops.

If you look at the colours that made the list for Colour of the Year you’ll see soft yellows, greys, bronze, lots of earth tones and even shades of green. In such a diverse arena of colour, we have so many to pick from.” 

Mustard Panelling Wallpaper

As well as the Pantone Colour(s) of the Year (grey combined with yellow), earthy and nature-inspired green colour palettes are also a big hit, with botanicals and biophillic patterns leading the way.

Back to Nature Parchment Wallpaper

Floral fractals have clearly made a big return, and this includes vintage-looking patterns that we previously associated with our grandmother’s era. Combining old and new design elements is a great way to keep your home looking relevant, and there are so many wallpaper trends in 2021 that will allow you to mix interior stories of classic and contemporary.

Trends & colours that could be on their way out

We also asked Vanessa for her expert opinion on what’s going out as new things come in. Talking about trends that have been around the block, she said:

“There are some trends that have been overused, oh yes! I hate to say it because it’s such a universally-loved colour, but grey will slowly make it to the bottom of the deck. It's had a long shelf life and although it will always have a place in interiors, it won’t be as prominent in 2021.”

Dusty pink clouds wallpaper

It is likely that people will explore other gentle hues in place of grey, such as soft pink, quiet mustard and even low-key khakis and barely-there browns. These will provide a shape-shifting backdrop for your ideas, one that can adapt as your interiors progress over the seasons.

In recent times, there has also been a shift from minimalism to maximalism, but these two counterparts are not in competition according to Vanessa:

“Design has room for the two ‘isms’. It will always be an option and there will be no overtaking in either category. You’re a maximalist or a minimalist – I really don’t see a middle. Would you call that middlism?” 

Top tips for updating your home this year

If you want to transform your home for 2021, here are some words of advice from Vanessa:

“Because of social distancing – which may be around for a while yet – my advice would be to work more on your garden or patio space. Entertainment will be easier if you can keep things intimate, and in an area where your guests are going to feel some sense of social distancing. To have that unique space, rethink how to recreate your outdoor areas.”

She also acknowledged the rise in high-end, bespoke art as people spend more time in their homes:

“There seems to be an upswing on artwork. Clients want elaborate pieces to fill up their walls.” 

Drapery with yellow-Limited edition print

This is a fantastic way to make your space completely unique to you, showing off your personality with bold, emotive pieces. Original and statement artworks will be sought after, and everyone will be in search of one-of-a-kind investments to hang in their living rooms that turn into easy conversation-starters.

To make the most of the art-driven interior design trends 2021 has to offer, take a look at our original wall art collection online.

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