Halloween decorations: inspiration you’ll love all year round

Halloween decorations: inspiration you’ll love all year round

Posted by Faith McMath on 30th Sep 2022

Halloween decorations are too good to keep for autumn. We’re not talking about plastic pumpkins and cobwebs here, it’s more about taking the chance to embrace your inner goth. Let’s look at Halloween ideas to inspire your interior design.

Feather Pattern Dark Wallpaper

Halloween is a real highlight of the calendar, and it’s certainly not just for children. It’s an annual chance to open up to a darker, more mysterious side of life.

There are some wonderfully spooky pieces in the Mineheart collection. These are too good to keep as Halloween ideas - embrace them as a new option for any space. Let’s explore the old Mineheart mansion for some dark and moody treasures....

Halloween ideas: dark decor

Dark wallpaper can be fantastically chic and much more cosy than you might imagine. It looks wonderful both night and day, and is particularly effective with low lighting and shiny metallic accessories.

Our black wallpaper designs are enormously popular with interiors specialists. Every design creates a different feel - from the edgy leather effect of our Chesterfield button back wallpaper to a more elegant and ethereal atmosphere from one of our black botanical wallpaper designs.

The Wrought Metal Gate design has a decidedly gothic vibe, while the peacock feather design is timeless and soft. These designs are less Halloween decorations, more timeless elegance.

Wrought Metal Gate Wallpaper

It’s also worth exploring our panel wallpaper options including anthracite panelling wallpaper or charcoal victorian panel wallpaper for a vintage feel - perfect for a building with a bit of history.

Various of our geometric wallpaper designs come in black and can be highly effective for a more modern feel in a space.

Black Geometric Bulbs Wallpaper

Creating a cosy interior design with dark decor, rather than a gloomy dungeon, is all about accessorising. Soft furnishings and warm lighting are the solution to take these looks from Halloween decorations to chic and inspiring spaces.Find more tips on dark interiors on

Beyond Halloween decorations: atmospheric wall art

We’re so proud of the variety within our wall art collection. We present many different styles of art from Modernaissance prints and dreamlike, surreal works to abstract, atmospheric designs that will suit any interior. Whether you lean towards dark and haunting, beautifully mysterious or tongue in cheek - you’ll find the perfect design here.

Halloween ideas have definitely inspired some of our parody portraits. Take a look at Grandfather Olaf - half man, half wise owl…. Not to mention Military Costume without Old Man which has distinctly ghostly undertones. The perfect example of Halloween decorations that will look great in your project all year round.

Grandfather Olaf' Canvas

If you like these faux portraits there are more to explore for a gallery wall effect, don’t miss Submerged Lady Black for a creepy piece of art, and if you want to add a touch of insect based creepiness, Black and white Butterfly on Man is the perfect choice. Halloween ideas brought to life!

Submerged 6 Black Lady Wall art

Haunting art - not just Halloween ideas

Perhaps portraits and faces aren’t quite right for the design you have in mind. We have lots of abstract artworks for your exploration too.

The Maximillion collection has a very supernatural vibe to it. She is Watching is downright chilling yet beautiful, while Tear Extractor reminds us of scary 1950s B movies.

She Is Watching Wall art

We can’t talk about Halloween decorations without bringing a skull or two into things. Don’t miss our Bubblegum Pencil poster or Da Vinci Skull , which includes faces from his famous works.

The Cemetery Of Umbrellas – Part Xi           Nightmare 3

More subtle, yet spookily evocative designs in our collection that are worth exploring include The Cemetery of Umbrellas; the White Sky XXIX, the aptly named Nightmare 3 or The Voyager Part VI.

Explore the idea of a creepy gallery wall of these spooky artworks.

Halloween decorations: Lighting and accessories

King Edison Ghost Wall LampLighting is much underestimated as the source of atmosphere of an interior design. It’s not just the brightness and tone of the lighting - the fittings are all-important in creating the right mood.

What could be more perfect in Halloween ideas than our King Edison Ghost Pendant Lamp?

King Edison Ghost Trio Pendant Lamp

With this iconic design, a black glass shade encloses a miniature golden chandelier. The tiny candles within are only visible when you switch on the lamp. This design is also available as a ghostly trio lamp.

The black Waterloo table lamp is another exceptional design for Halloween decorations, and is it just us, or is there something a little spooky about the Goddess Statue Lamp?

Black Waterloo Table Lamp -New Shade

Rugs - set the tone for Halloween decorations

At Mineheart we see rugs as much more than floor coverings - for us, they are another route to artistry and atmosphere.

We have three faux cowhide new designs this year that most definitely gel with the Halloween ideas theme. Based on Urbex photography by Furio Brigo, these designs feature photographs taken in neglected buildings - a disused mental hospital - Asylum 2 and Asylum 22 and a ruined church, In Nomine Patris.

Asylum 22 Grey Rug

These are wonderfully spooky designs that are beautiful, thought provoking and highly atmospheric.

Another dark decor option for an interior design theme is the Black Persian Faux Cowhide Rug - a cowhide twist on the classic Persian rug, Its shades of black and grey create an enticing and contemporary look. Take a look at the Kashan Remix Black Rug for another option in our Halloween decorations theme.

Black Persian Faux Cowhide Rug

Halloween ideas - inspiration with cushions and candles

Once you’ve created a look inspired by Halloween decorations, you will need a few finishing touches. Candlelight is the perfect way to set off this look.

Our candles are available in the scents of sandalwood, lavender and cashmere and are perfect for that cosy autumn ambience.

Lavender Scented Soy Candle

A few cushions are also a great option to add a little softness or a striking artistic element to compliment your decor.Flamboyant Vanitas Cushion CoverNight black clouds Cushion

The designs in our range most closely evoking Halloween ideas include the Night Black Clouds cushion, Flamboyant Vanitas with its golden shades and subtle skull or Girl Without a Pearl Earring - another ghostly version of a well known classic.

A sophisticated take on Halloween

Halloween is a wonderfully evocative time of year, and it absolutely can be inspiring, visionary and enticing. With so many unique design ideas to explore you’re sure to find the right piece to set the tone for your next interiors project.

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