Dreaming Of A White Christmas...

Dreaming Of A White Christmas...

18th Dec 2019

How to Style Your All White Room

A white room scheme is a timeless choice for creating a calming and serene space. Whether it be your bedroom, your dining room or your cosy living room.White wallpaper is ideal for small bedrooms or living rooms, particularly where there is a natural light source. Pure brilliant white is devoid of all pigment meaning it reflects back nearly all light that hits it. This therefore helps to brighten a small space by bouncing light into the shadows, to help illuminate the rest of the room – especially sloping loft roofs.

We offer an extensive range of wallpaper, artwork, lighting and furniture to style your white room to perfection. Read below for our top tips to get your space ready for that perfect White Christmas.

Adding Depth

To add depth to your room, and with the clever use of accessories you can add texture, shape and form to your room by playing with patterns, using various tones of white and accent features like a soft grey or a natural fibre or material. With our range of white wallpapers, you can play even further with depth and trompe de l’oeil by mixing and matching our wallpaper range together with well contrasted and bold accessories.

The Waves Wallpaper by Emanuele Pangrazi simulates a stone 3d effect and is perfect for a large clear wallspace or as a focal point in the room. When choosing a stone effect wallpaper, think about your contrasting textures such as timber, glass, and natural fibres.

Pair your waves wallpaper with a Waterloo Table Lamp for the perfect white on white combination.

Play With Textures

Bring in extra texture and further depth, by using contrasting materials. A hard floor with a faux cowhide rug such as Our Super Long Stretched Faux Cowhide Rug seen here styled with white painted floorboards.

Play with your details

By adding more natural fibers and using them as accents in the room, will immediately soften the harshness of any strong lines you have in your room and create a light, airy and welcoming space.

Our all white feather floor lamp emits the perfect soft white light for an all white room and provides the perfect kind of texture to add depth and detail.

Keep It White

By simply using a statement all white wallpaper, you will have the perfect backdrop for your room. We recommend using this statement design white wallpaper from Young & Battaglia, the White BookShelf Wallpaper . It adds just the right amount of Trompe L’Oeil to your room while also reminiscent of a warm and cosy space. Designed and printed on textured vinyl paper , this wallpaper is also perfect for high traffic area as its hardwearing, wipeable and colourfast. 


You can add even more depth and contrast to your room by mixmatching the White Bookshelf wallpaper with the White Panelling Wallpaper and using these two contrasting wallpapers together in one room.

Make it MonoChrome with a Touch of Black

A little touch of black to a white room can add just the right bit of drama to an all white room. For a maximum effect, use sparingly such as a cushion or two on the couch or bed such as the Blink Cushion or bed and a statement pendant light such as the Cauldron Pendant Lamp in Black.


However you style your white room, think about our top tips to create depth, texture and warmth. Here’s to hoping for a white Christmas.


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