7 Design Tips to Make an Entrance With Your Entryway

Posted by Jacky Xu on 16th Feb 2021

7 Design Tips to Make an Entrance With Your Entryway

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Besides your curbside, your entry is of the first things that can impress a guest or potential homebuyer. It's also the first thing you'll see after coming from work, school, or vacation.

Hence, it only makes sense that you beautify your entryway. And here are seven quick design tips that can help you achieve that:

Choose a color scheme

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When thinking of how to design your entryway, the first thing that you should consider is the color scheme. It should be something that matches the rest of the house. That way, your entryway won't feel disjointed from the rest of your home.

Your color scheme doesn't necessarily have to be the color of your walls or doors. Instead, you can apply the color scheme to the decor around your entryway.

Remember that a color scheme doesn't mean that you pick one color and apply it for the entirety of your entryway. Usually, a color scheme is a group of colors that fit each other.

Get creative with lighting

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Whether you have a grand or quaint entryway, one thing that you can do to elevate the space is through your choice of a lighting fixture.

There are many different types of lighting, and you can be quite creative with it. It could be your statement piece or a part of your home that perfectly blends in with the rest of your entryway decor.

Chandeliers are a common but reliable way of spicing up the look of your entryway. It's elegant and grand, but depending on the chandelier's design, it can also feel modern.

Pendant lights are more straightforward to install and can be an excellent statement piece. It illuminates the space while giving it a lovely touch.

Make space for a mirror

A mirror by the entryway is a functional statement piece. When you're rushing out on the way to wherever you have to go, the mirror can help you do last-minute touch-ups without having to run back into the house. You and your guests will appreciate a mirror by the entryway.

If you have a bigger space, you can also use a floor mirror to help you fix yourself from head to toe.

Aside from allowing you and your guests a chance to fix yourselves up, a mirror can also be a decorative piece.

There are plenty of impressive structures and designs for mirrors these days that they can double as an art piece even. Thus, they have a double benefit when you have a mirror by the entryway.

Create an accent wall

Back to Nature Coloured Wallpaper

Make a part of your wall stand out by adding accent paint color or decoration. Nothing else will change except for the appearance of one wall.

Luckily, you can do a couple of things to have an accent wall. The simplest method of creating an accent wall is by painting one wall differently than the others. Of course, you should stick to a theme. If other walls have cool tones, use a cool-toned accent color too. Otherwise, your accent wall will become an out-of-place wall instead.

Another way you can create an accent wall outside of a repaint is by using wallpapers. Wallpapers are an easier way of spicing up the look of your entryway.

For example, this Back to Nature colored wallpaper has a gorgeous pattern that can't help but capture your eye. It will especially stand out when you have single-colored walls surrounding it. Use it to serve as a backdrop for parts of the room that you want to emphasize.

Add an area rug

Mosaic Statue 1 Rug

When you think of putting on a rug, you rarely think of it as a way to decorate a space and make it stand out. However, there are many lost opportunities when you don't take the time to get yourself an area rug, especially on your entryway.

Your entryway might not have enough space to add decor on anyway. However, with the help of your area rug, you can make your entrance look grand and exciting. It doesn't even crowd your entryway since it's on the floor anyway.

This Mosaic Statue Rug by Michael Banks is an excellent statement piece that your guests are sure to like. It grabs your attention, but it doesn't have too many bright colors to take away from the look of your entryway. It's perfect for the modern home of monochromatic colors.

Use storage solutions

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Storage solutions are a great way to ensure that everything is always organized. Take the extra space you have by the entryway to add some storage solutions.

If you have kids at home, the entryway can be quite cluttered, especially when people are rushing out of the door a lot of the time.

When your kids are running into the house, having a shoe rack in place will help make your entryway a lot cleaner looking. The doorway hooks will also help ensure that people don't throw their bags on the floor.

Remember that you should pick storage solutions that best fit the way your family operates. It won't make sense to take up space with a storage solution that your family doesn't use anyway.

Offer a place to sit

Grey Velvet Sofa with Graffiti Graphic

If you have a shoe rack, it will be uncomfortable for you and your guests to remove their shoes while standing at the entryway.

Therefore, this is an ample space to put a seating element in, like a bench or a stool. That way, people won't have to fumble awkwardly while they remove their footwear.

Remember to make your seating fit your entryway's theme and make it more casual and inviting. That way, people will feel comfortable sitting there, and it will be one of the ways you can make them feel welcome in your home.

Over to You

Your entryway welcomes you back home and invites guests to come in. Thus, it should give you a warm feeling whenever you come home.

With the seven design tips listed above, you'll know a variety of ways to make your entryway look inviting. Soon after, you'll find that your entryway will be your favorite part of the house.

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