Bubblegum Portrait -6

Young & Battaglia
£ 104.00
40.60 (cm)
50.80 (cm)
1.90 (cm)

By Young & Battaglia in collaboration with artist Kirin Young.

The most wanted of the collection in Portrait Art Wall, the Lady in antique pink satin who sold out everywhere: sitting in her cobalt velvet chair this mysterious lady makes bubble gum her most exquisite weapon of seduction. The details of the image are really precious; the fabrics look three-dimensional. It's neorealism mixed with the 18th century and the contemporary. A mix of visual impact on your walls. With her fan she'll look great in a bedroom next to Mister Mint, or she'll turn an elegant dressing room upside down. There's no pearl necklace to keep: this canvas framed wall art must be yours! Shop Bubblegum Portrait 6 art prints and Discover High quality Framed Printed Canvas for your bedroom, living room or office with this hand-picked collection.


406mm x 508mm (Standard Canvas Classic Black colour box frame)

Lead Time:  2-5 days.

Bubblegum Wall Art